Garden Consultation Ideas & Advice


The garden consultation provides two hours of advice, ideas and planning with you in your garden. It is particularly suited to people who aren’t sure what they could or should be doing to upgrade their garden, and want some help on how to proceed. During the consultation Helen can:

  • Identify plants in your garden and answer your questions about them.
  • Discuss ideas to improve or redesign your garden- whether you’re working to a budget or want to be inspired by new possibilities.
  • Suggest solutions to your garden problems - how to screen the neighbours, what to do where the lawn won’t grow or how to add more colour.
  • Discuss water issues such as planning a low water use garden, using water efficiently, irrigation systems, rainwater tanks and use of grey water.
  • Suggest new plants for your garden– what will grow where, choices for colour, fragrance, shade, screening, bird-attracting etc. My extensive photo library has pictures of plants that do well in the local area.
  • Answer questions about pruning, pests and diseases, fertilising and weed control.
  • Advise on how to make your garden low maintenance.
  • Assess your soil, with pH testing available, and advise on how to improve it.
  • Suggest the best turf types to choose and discuss lawn care.

Works after the Horticultural Consultation

Notes are written during the consultation and are left with you so you have a record of what was discussed and suggested.

The two-hour garden consultation costs $395, including GST. One hour sessions are also available.

Helen has considerable experience dealing with apartment and villa complexes, liaising with committees and Owners’ Corporations and can conduct garden consultations with a group of interested owners.

Following the consultation, I'm happy to recommend trusted contractors to quote on the work discussed. The consultation will allow you to obtain competitive quotes for the same work, so you can compare the quotes easily. I can also supply plants at competitive prices, which I personally source and pick so you get the best quality (see the  plants supply page).