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Helen Young Horticulturist is based in Willoughby on Sydney’s leafy North Shore, and has been established since 1993. Specialising in garden renovations, I offer garden consultations, design, plants supply and assistance with a range of soft landscaping services.  My aim is to create beautiful and functional gardens that suit the needs of my clients. The business is well-respected within the industry and operates chiefly on word-of-mouth recommendation. I am a member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM) and the winner of the Plantscape Design Award in the 2008 AILDM Landscape Design Awards. You might know my weekly garden columns in The Weekend Australian Magazine, read my stories in House and Garden magazine, or heard me on radio as one of the regulars on ABC Sydney Radio's gardening talkback show on Saturday mornings.

 During this corona virus period, the business is, thankfully so far, allowed to keep operating. We need our gardens now more than ever, and many people are finding they have time to spend in them. If I can help you improve, re-work or add to your gardens I’d be honoured to do so. Garden consultations are largely done outdoors where it is simple to maintain the required social distancing. I can wear a mask on request (and always when it is mandated) and will sanitise hands before and after visiting you. In return, I ask that you observe the safety protocols that are in place.

Nurseries and specialist growers from whom I buy plants are also still operating - horticulture is classified as an “essential industry” - so we can keep planting to beautify our homes even if we can’t venture further afield.

What is a

Horticulture is the art or science of cultivating gardens. A horticulturist has expert knowledge about plants – their selection, uses, cultivation and care. Practising horticulturists need good design skills, communication skills, intensive plant knowledge, and practical expertise in all aspects of the landscaping process.

What is soft landscaping?

This covers all non-construction aspects of landscaping, such as soil works, clearing, planting, mulching, turfing, irrigation, pruning and transplanting. It may also include garden edging, stepping stone paths, pebble work and installation of prefabricated water features.

What is hard landscaping?

This covers construction works such as excavation, paving, fencing, retaining walls, pergolas, steps and purpose-built water features. We work with several structural landscapers to provide these services to our clients.

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